Other Projects

Rest of my projects include university projects, workaround games and some of my C# programs


A colorful decision-based shooter where you must look before you shoot! Green is your friend and red is your enemy.



C# mock to JavaScript cat meme 
I stood up against them alone and did my part for the great cold war of software engineers.


Gnome Simulator 2019

Play as a small gnome in a garden. But the problem is that you're British, so you'll die if you don't drink fine tea.


Stick E-Man

Stickman desktop assistants! You can ask them to open a certain windows feature, play a music or even do animation actions for you! Just like the 2000's



tRIP is an adventure which a desperate game developer takes when he wants to have an out of world game idea.



Gerogan is a tale of 3 friends which suddenly one of them has to attend an 'emergency' meeting in the midnight



Defend a button against enemies while waiting for the button to activate. The button activates in different ways...


Clutch - Open Source Game Not Open Source anymore

As a new comer, being helped by the leader of city is such a delight, so work hard, enter races, upgrade your car and take on missions until you become another legend just like him.


Clutch - Mashin Bazi

Pick from over 10 cars with different physics and customize them with spoilers, rims and stickers.Drive freely in a small city with your custom ride.



Play as a desperate student who does anything to avoid studying. Solve puzzles of all sorts and get involved in the story of an evil university and its plans.



Hackniom is a critical chemical element which its survival depends on gems. Experience being a chemical element and collect gems for a living.


And a ton of unfinished projects!

I have a lot of games and applications in development. Follow my itch page, Gamejolt page or Telegram channel to get notified of new things from me!

Kelag My First Ever Game!

Long ago; there was a successful street racing team named 'Purples'. Their rival, 'Greens', was jealous of their success. They planned to tear them apart and by making arguments between its members, Greens divided Purples to 2 teams: Red team and Blue team. You play as a Blue team member, Firoz, who is a decent driver. One day, when racing on an airport, a mysterious purple plane kidnaps him...