Because the real world needs licenses

Why is Esyverse Created?

Esyverse is a fictional country or universe where most of IEP Games take place. It is a place where I can use brand names that don't exist and don't worry about copyright laws!


Many developers mimic real life brands and only change small things. In Esyverse, every brand is unique and holds history.
Whether it be a big bad corporation like Livethink or a car manufacturing company like Jolt.


Characters create stories and stories are a crucial part of most games. That's why in Esyverse, there are different people with varied personalities.
For instance Mr. Anderson the scientist, or Jeremy who was created by Combination Jam 2021 participants.


Most of IEP Games take place in the Esyverse. Even when having different art styles or environments, you can still find references and characters relating to it. Like playing as Mr. Anderson in Bit Jail and also seeing him as an NPC in Jeremy's Adventures.

Esyverse Accounts

Now Hosting 57546 Accounts :)

Esyverse is also the name of IEP Games' online account service.
Players can create an account and log in via the game. Here is a list of all the games that currently support Esyverse accounts:

Bit Jail

Hackniom Online 

Collect gems and avoid lasers with your friends! A multiplatform online multiplayer game based on Hackniom.


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