IEP Games
For those who still play a game for its fun


Making video games since 2014

Bit Jail

Bit Jail Paint Jam

An escape room game with MS Paint theme. You have been jailed in a house. Solve puzzles to find two house keys.


Backrooms Creepy Pasta 

Backrooms brings a nostalgic feeling of being lost in endless piles of empty rooms with fluorescent lights at full hum-buzz.

Cute Adblocker

Cute Adblocker Way too Retro Jam

A retro-style shooting game where you kill advertisements instead of people. With many types of ads like TV ads, Internet ads and more.

Dasher 3D

Dasher 3D One Button Jam

A top down shooter with time-freezing. As a jam entry, it's controlled with only one button.


Other Projects

Rest of my projects include university projects, workaround games and some of my C# programs


IEP are initials of my name: Ilia Esmaili Poor

Ilia Esmaili Poor

Software engineer student at western tehran islamic azad university. 
Unity Game developer and SketchUp modeler since 2014.
Send me good memes, we'll talk!