I’ve started making games with Game Maker since 2012 and after making horrible first games,

I started learning and making games with Unity and Playmaker in 2014, my first games were not

suitable for publishing so I joined itch and Gamejolt in 2017 and made suitable games since that time.

My purpose is to make (mostly) clean games that don’t have annoying modern games components

like excessive advertisements or having player to pay money in the middle of fun to ‘unlock’ another

part of the game which could be there in the first place! Making money in that way isn’t good.

Video games should be fun, relaxing or at least destress its player; just like old games. If a game

developer wants to make money from a video game, it should not intersect with player’s fun.

My first games (or my ABCD of game development, because of names’ initials) are my introduction

to dear gamers and a way for me to better understand people’s taste and what they like more; after

those, what will come depends on what you think about these games and the reactions you make!

Anything is possible, It could be a revival of my older game, or a whole new one like never before.

Thanks for playing my games! A Game is nothing without people playing it. <3

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